Smart Solar Streetlight with USB Power


Cellular LTE - 1x Boron LTE CAT-M1 (NorAm) Air Quality Monitor Kit
Wifi - 1x Argon Air Quality Monitor Kit


  • 1x Grove Dust Sensor

  • 1x Grove Air Quality Sensor

  • 1x Grove (BME280)
    Temperature and Humidity Sensor

  • 1x Grove 0.96in OLED


    Cell, Wifi and Gateway Plans


    $888.00 Each

    Allow 3 to 6 weeks for delivery

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    See the Dashboard

    Please Note: This is our High-End Consumer Smart Solar Streetlight. Please ask about Municipal (city) and much larger and smaller units.


    At a time when the danger of wildfires is an everyday concern, the Smart Solar Streetlight is capable of transmitting humidity, air quality, temperature and other data that have the potential to save lives and property. Each Smart Solar Streetlight can trigger a pre-flight path drone for confirmation if a fire is happening.

    ABC Solar Incorporated
    24454 Hawthorne Blvd
    Torrance, CA 90505

    Smart Solar Streetlight

    All in 1 Solar LED Street Light
    with USB Power Plug Used for Environmental Sensors

  • Power: 50W Monocrystilline Solar Panel
  • Charge Controller
  • Battery Capacity: 12v 50ah
  • LED Chip: Philips Lumileds
  • Light efficiency: 160lm/w
  • CCT: 3000/4000/5000/5700/6500K
  • CRI:Ra75-80
  • Beam angle: 150x65°
  • IP65
  • Brightness of the proximity sensor registers walker: Full power 100%
  • Walker left 10 seconds transform into smart mode
  • Brightness of Smart mode: 10%
  • Operating time: full power>36 hours, smart mode 10-15 days.


    The key problems the Smart Solar Streetlight solves are:

  • Sensors are everywhere but nowhere without a programmer to qualify the data.

  • Wildfires are different in their rapid spread that makes early identification essential.

  • PGE and other utilities are "blackout" junkies that puts emergency communications in jeopardy.

  • Sensor placement is based on power available. ***

  • Rapid fire detection is the primary mission for the Smart Solar Streetlight network.


  • The ABC Solar Smart Solar Streetlight also embeds the SmartConnect Gateway software to unify sensor feeds built into the Smart Solar Streetlight and accepts sensor feeds from in-range products. The Smart Solar Streetlight, its enclosure and oversized lithium battery are designed to power 24/7 the SmartConnect Gateway, various environmental sensors and the streetlight as needed.

    The Smart Solar Streetlight feeds our advanced cloud dashboard allowing device control and data visualization.

    Initial Target Market - Every Red-Flag High Fire District.

    The target market is to replace and/or augment existing streetlight poles in fire prone areas.

    The mission is to provide advance warning of fires and other community hazards.

    The Smart Solar Streetlight also helps pay for itself by the reduction of electricity expense from grid-tied Street Lights.



    Key benefit to each market is:

    1. Save Money - off grid solar applications do not have utility bill.

    2. Provide active environment information - Humidity, Air Quality and Temperature

    3. Provide fire and safety awareness

    4. Dashboard is both visual with geospatial with augmented reality and central and consumer focused web access.

    5. Each Smart Solar Streetlight has the SmartConnect Gateway that allows in-situ sensors from various vendors to be processed and presented to the Dashboard.

    a. Please note the Smart Connect Gateway is a unifying force that makes future residential deployment the mass-market potential. Various sensors from different applications are making penetration into homes, offices, schools and more. Unifying disparate sensor data into sensible dashboard views and operations will liberate consumers.



    Combined Temperature Chart